New ski trails maps

Martin Map CoverIntroducing new ski trail maps from Gotrekkers.

  • Kanananskis NE winter. Winter trails Bragg Creek Area. contours  at 10 m intervals.  scale 1:15,000. Shows Snowshoe Hare snowshoe route.
  • Kananaskis SE winter. Winter trails-Sandy McNabb Area Contours  at 10 m intervals. scale 1:10,000. Shows Sandy McNabb Hill which is missing from all other maps.
  • Kananaskis SW winter.  34 Winter Trails (Peter Lougheed trails). contours at 10 m intervals. scale 1: 20,000. Trail sections  color coded green, blue and black to depict difficulty. Also shows snowshoe routes. The scale is such that it enables you to sort out the trails around the campground areas.

I really like that the maps show contour lines. The only thing I found confusing was the colour blue depicting fens and meadows. Look too much like lakes which are a lighter shade of the same blue. A greeny colour would work better.

Maps are available from The Norseman X-country ski shop (4655-37 st. SW), Spirit West  (1210 11 Ave. SW) and from the U of Calgary‘s Outdoor Centre.  Otherwise, contact See also Martin’s website for a complete listing.

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