K Country’s Newest Waterfall

We were alerted to a waterfall on the Little Elbow just above Nihahi Creek by Leo and Lucie Weatherbie who were wondering what it was called. What waterfall? was my first reaction. Couldn’t think of any waterfall at this point on the river. So at the end of October we  hotfooted it down Little Elbow trail for a look see.

New falls on Elbow River

And sure enough the river that once meandered below the cliff had cut through a treed peninsula during the flood, downing all the trees, piling up stones, uncovering ledges of bedrock and creating a very attractive two-tier waterfall. Already  there were stone seats and cairns on the pebble bed below it, some courtesy of MacKay Contractors employees who were working on the trail hereabouts. My immediate thought was that this is going to be a big future attraction, an objective in itself or an essential stop on the way to Mt. Romulus campground.

There is still time to visit before Hwy. 66 closes. Even in late fall it looked pretty good, but no sunlight for pics. Obviously late June and July will be the optimum times to visit. To get there walk or bike 4.6 km from Little Elbow Recreation Area parking lot to Nihahi Creek on Little Elbow trail. At Nihahi Creek crossing walk down the  creekbed to the Little Elbow and turn right. The fall lies upstream around a bend.

New falls
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  • B. Oct 30, 2014, 7:26 am

    I saw the falls in late June. We had stopped for lonch on the banks of Nihahi Creek. Another party member had gone down to the “new” river and there was a WATERFALL! Brand new and covered in downed trees. After leaving the fall we found a rusted piece of the bridge before the campground on the debris covered duff.

  • Tanya Oct 29, 2014, 8:41 am

    Thanks! Gotta check this out next spring. It’s been a while since I’ve been out there but what is the trail like for biking? I seem to remember it being really bumpy.

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