Cummings or Wilkinson Ridge? Thumbnail

Approaching the rocky section of the ridge.

Cummings or Wilkinson Ridge?

There is an interesting ridge between Raspberry and Pasque in the series of ridges lining the west side of Highway 40 before the road starts its winding ascent to Wilkinson Summit. We set out to climb it on a cold, blustery July day with rain in the air.

Green Mountain: A Different Approach Trail Thumbnail

Looking down on the Castle from the ridge near the summit.

Green Mountain: A Different Approach Trail

There is a new approach trail to the top of Green Mountain that’s a lot easier than the now overgrown original route. Possibly a game trail once, there is a horse trail that takes you to the foot of the open slopes below the summit.

Popular Day Hikes Thumbnail

Popular Day Hikes

New editions of our Popular Day Hikes book have just been released in time for the hiking season. Gillean’s Popular Day Hikes in Kananaskis Country has been substantially revised and updated, while;Tony’s Popular Day Hikes in the Canadian Rockies has seen few changes.

Mystery on the Hunchback Hills Thumbnail

From the summit we descended the rocky gully (The Gates) and found the debris a little way above the main valley floor (hidden in the picture).

Mystery on the Hunchback Hills

On our way down from one of the peaks of the Hunchback Hills Gill found a debris patch that could possibly be an old crash site. There were small pieces of sheet metal and a few larger pieces containing what looked like fuel lines embedded in chunks of metal that were obviously fused together by very high temperatures.

Mustang Hills after logging Thumbnail

The view west from the old highway with the Elbow River Below. Peaks are l-r Banded, Outlaw, Cornwall and Glasgow.

Mustang Hills after logging

We hiked the Mustang Hills to see how the logging has affected the trails. The good news—very little. The summit trail where it leaves the old highway has a cutblock on the right and you cross a logging road halfway up the steep bit, but after this it’s the same as it ever was to east hill. It is only on the summit of this hill that one sees the logging in the shallow valley below.

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