Alberta Parks Plan to Simplify Park Classification

Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation, as part of its Plan for Parks, is looking for feedback on proposed legislation to simplify the park classification system in Alberta. Provincial parks, wildland provincial parks, provincial recreation areas, wilderness areas, ecological reserves, natural areas and heritage rangelands would be classified as either Provincial Parks or Heritage Rangeland. Provincial Parks will be divided into zones that would define the amount of recreation/conservation allowed in areas of a park. The government believes that the simplified classification will allow visitors to clearly understand what recreation and conservation activities are supported in each park and why.

This is a scary proposal for outdoor recreation in Kananaskis Country, and the implications need considerable thought. For example  random-camping backpacking, presently allowed by some area classifications, would probably not be allowed in any of the three proposed zone definitions, significantly reducing the amount of backpacking terrain in K Country.

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