Avalanche Problems

There is significant avalanche danger forecast for this weekend and Avalanche Canada has issued a Special Avalanche Warning. We have a typical Canadian Rockies snowpack — shallow, with underlying depth hoar and thin buried crusts with faceted grains above. New storm snow falling in cold, very windy conditions after a long period of drought has almost doubled the depth of the snowpack. Forecast rapidly rising temperatures will lead to a substantial decrease in stability. Avalanche types identified in Avalanche Forecasts as being potential Avalanche Problems are Storm Slabs, Wind Slabs and Deep Persistent Slabs. 

To help you better understand Avalanche Problems I have created a mini-web-site that presents one-page summaries of avalanche types that lead to Avalanche Problems. It is useable on all devices from smartphones to computers and may be accessed from our home page.

At the bottom of each page is advice on how best to manage the problem. I have listed what I consider to be the most important points — there are many more possibilities. When you are reviewing each problem presented in the forecast, be sure to read the advice given by the forecaster.

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