Proposed New Campgrounds in Kananaskis Valley

Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation is proposing to develop the area along the Lower Kananaskis River between Canoe Meadows and Barrier Dam. Canoe Meadows would be re-built to accommodate special events, river recreation, and to act as a multi-function camping area. Two major public campgrounds are proposed, one at Barrier Information Centre; the other nearer Barrier Dam. More parking would be provided at Barrier Dam and an 18-hole Disc Golf course built between Barrier Dam and the nearby campground. The trail along the Kananaskis River will be upgraded where needed.

Kananaskis Valley Campgrounds

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Kananaskis Country is “…encouraging innovative private sector involvement in projects such as this one, and generating opportunities to upgrade and develop additional campgrounds and facilities.”

Tourism, Parks and Recreation wants to hear your thoughts about the proposed development. Check out their web site and take a look at the proposal. Send in your comments, suggestions and concerns by April 25, 2011.

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  • David Thomson Jun 27, 2011, 8:38 am

    Great news
    I have been using the campgrounds in K-Country for 20 years.
    More campgrounds are required to fulfill the needs of campers.
    Is there a time line in place for completion of any proposal.


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