Rescue at Cherry Bowl

cherrybowlintro In March, 2013 three backcountry skiers, deeply buried by a large avalanche near Terrace B.C. were dug out alive in less than 20 minutes. The group that rescued them had recently taken a companion rescue course — a choice that made the difference between life and death.

Explore this micro-site — it might save your life!

A small video production company from Colorado, who were in the area following the accident shot riveting in-depth interviews with each of the individuals involved.

Using video, audio, images and text, Avalanche Canada has developed a microsite that allows the viewer to examine different aspects of the day’s events. The components are designed to complement the central narrative of each of the four survivors and four rescuers, with the goal of enriching the viewer’s understanding of avalanche safety and highlighting the importance of training.

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