Have a say in the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan!

The South Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council has recently completed its Advice to the Government of Alberta. Following on from it is an online workbook where the likes of you and I can have our say on the advice. On the way you’ll learn some government lingo like what  “Ecological Goods and Services”  means.

The South Saskatchewan Regional Plan covers a large area of SW Alberta including Kananaskis. This means that the ongoing Plan for Parks (provincial, provincial wildland etc.  in Kananaskis Country ) must conform to the general principles  agreed on in the regional plan.

The section on Tourism and Recreation has recommendations that are too broad sweeping. “Developing and implementing a user-pay system to assist with funding the development and management of necessary recreation planning, management and infrastructure” was setting off alarm bells. What do they have in mind that we should pay for. Trails?

Also under Tourism and Recreation was the statement that “unmanaged camping should not be permitted on public lands unless authorized in designated areas. ”In most of Kananaskis Country outside of a few provincial parks, backcountry camping is permitted just about anywhere. So what gives here?

At the end is a list of areas suitable for conservation management. They also ask for your suggestions, which is good. On the list, though, is an area bang in the middle of Kananaskis Country called the Elbow Highland (I think they mean Highwood?) Kananaskis foothills. So what does conservation management mean exactly? As far as I can tell the area shown on the map is logged regularly, has gas wells and allows grazing. So are we conserving all these things?

As I said, we need much more detailed info about their intentions. And we need to tell them what our concerns are.  So  please have a go at filling in the Workbook It takes an hour plus thinking time. Deadline is not until December 19 — but do it now!

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