Before & After Simulation of West Bragg Logging

Sustain Kananaskis Country has posted a set of 10 photographs showing what the area might look like after the proposed logging. While the cut blocks look extensive, remember these photographs are taken from the air and don’t represent what the trail user on the ground will see. It would be instructive to have some comparison photos or 3D simulations from along the trails and from some of the better viewpoints (there will hopefully be some new viewpoints as a result of the logging).

Logging comparison-photo

Before & after simulation. Photos: Sustain K

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  • Tony Daffern Mar 19, 2012, 9:38 am

    Thanks for your comment Stella. Regarding my comment on new viewpoints. I don’t believe we will be successful in stopping the logging given the Premier’s stand on logging the Castle. So looking on the positive side, logging will open up the area, get rid of some of the old, dark, snowless forest and provide more extensive views. Sure it will be unsightly for a few years, but no more unsightly than blackened, leaning stumps from a forest fire.
    I remember 30 years ago the good view to the northwest from what is now the high point of Demi-Tel (formerly North Bragg trail). The trees in the then recent cut block were 4–5 ft high and snow retention was excellent. There are limited views nowadays as the trees have grown up. In the long-term I believe well executed logging will be of benefit to the outdoor recreation community.
    Personally I don’t agree with Sustain K’s position that we need more public hearings. What we do need is for Spray Lakes Sawmills and SRD to work with the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association and CYMBA to adjust the cut blocks to mitigate the effect of logging.

  • stella Mar 18, 2012, 3:00 pm

    Hi there, these photos begin to tell the tale and if they can be produced by a group of volunteers, just think what a professional logging company could do to help the public understand it’s logging plans in the future.

    I am a little concerned by your comment “there will hopefully be some new viewpoints as a result of the logging” it sort of begs the question a great view onto what? A clear cut site?!!

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