Sinnnot Hill Snowshoe Update

Right now, snow conditions are perfect for a short trip to Sinnot Hill off Hwy. 549. Threepoint Creek is frozen, 9999 trail is hard-packed having been well trodden to the low pass, the trodden trail NOT going down the other side into Ware Creek, but up onto the hill tops to the southeast where the views are.

On 9999 trail.

Coming up to the high point.

The only difference you’ll see is flagging. According to Spray Lake Sawmills, the hillside on the north side of the pass could be logged as early as next winter. However, the exact perimeters have yet to be worked out and the flagging is just a rough guide. We’ll know more by the time SLS’s next open house rolls along in May. We’ll announce it ahead of time and I urge everyone to go along and talk to the folks at SLS and take a look at the maps.  But back to 9999 trail. SLS has the tracklog of both this trail and the trail to Sinnot Hill and will be bearing them in mind while  finalizing the plan. Interestingly, the green flagging  on a couple of  summit aspens is not theirs. Possibly a geocache site?

On the return. a few bumps down from the summit.

Start Hwy. 549 (McLean Creek Trail). Park on road just inside the K Country boundary where a track  heads down to Threepoint Creek alongside the boundary fence and through a gate. Then follow Curley Sand trail across the creek and up into the big meadow junction with 9999 trail at a signpost.

The climb to the lower top From the col between the two tops.

Distance 7 km return from Hwy. 549. Height gain about 250 m.

See Volume 4 of the KCTG, #62 and 62A.

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  • GMJ Jan 25, 2020, 4:18 pm

    Thanks. Since the plan isn’t finalized, perhaps we could persuade them to bring back the edge of the cutblock from 9999 trail (in several places the flagging literally follows 9999 trail) and from the forest edge in the meadows. If, say, a 50 m buffer could be established, the visual and environmental impact would be reduced a lot without changing the cutblock area a great deal. I am more concerned about this than about not tripping over slash.
    Can we contact SLS about this before the open house?

  • Gillean Daffern Jan 24, 2020, 8:56 pm

    Hi GMJ, A map won’t be available until May as they are still working on it. Then, in the SLS website look under Woodlands, Harvesting plans, maps. Or better still come out to the open house in Cochrane. There is some agreement that they don’t trash OFFICIAL trails, but have to put them back to their original form. Sometimes a little reminder helps. For instance, if you find trees across the trail simply contact SLS and someone will go out and remove them. No need to make a big fuss. Re UNOFFICIAL trails, they don’t have to abide by the same regulations, though they sometimes do. Luckily, the section between 9999 and Sinnot Hill summit along the ridge line is mostly in the clear with logging just down the north slope. The only place where it reaches across the ridge is just after the col between the two tops where there is a belt of pines. I must admit I shall hate to see them go as they were wonderful shelter from the strong chinook wind.

  • GMJ Jan 24, 2020, 7:36 pm

    How do we see the maps/contact SLS? Also, isn’t there some kind of requirement that they not trash the official trail?
    I think it’s terrible that they would cut right up the edge of the big meadows along the ridgeline. Couldn’t they keep it back a bit from the trail and the meadows?
    Thanks for looking in to this.

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