Snowshoe Sinnot Hill

Just before the very cold weather hit we squeezed in an easy snowshoe trip to a viewpoint off Hwy. 549. Starting at the K Country boundary, we  pushed snow to Threepoint Creek, which was well frozen, took  Curly Sand trail to the meadow junction, then climbed 9999 trail to the pass. All the way we were following the deep tracks of something — tracks so narrow we had to work hard to widen the trail in the deep snow.


Looking NW from Sinnot Hill.

From the pass, we gave the traversing trail a miss and plodded uphill to the left over the first top after which we picked up the trail  in snow free areas leading to Sinnot Hill summit at 738227.  As expected, the south west-facing grass slopes were bare with a scattering of rocks for sitting on. Where the grass was waterlogged, I noticed a  few plants starting to green up. There were even  small flies buzzing around after our lunch.  

On the way back we stamped out the trail real good, so it should be in great condition for the next people going up. Don’t think it’s snowed much in the interim.

Sinnot Hill Snowshoe

See #62 and 62A in Volume 4. Distance 7 km return. Height gain 230 m (750 ft.) High point  1539 m (5050 ft.)

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