Distance 8.6 km loop, height gain 109 m, easy
Yamnuska Natural Area. The most popular circuit loops around the Great Moraine on good trails. Takes in Hidden Valley and Crescent Lake, in addition to offering side trips and a return option via Twin Lakes.
Start: At 3.2 km west of Hwy. 1X turn left into a parking lot below the hwy. Good access to Moraine loop alongside the Francis Cooke Class III Regional Landfill. The landfill boundary has been extended to the north and the route along the fence line has changed, See map
Difficulty: Easy hiking
Note: Here is a track log of the route. It's a little out of date. See note above about the new fence line. gpx
  • The pass between Loder Peak and the Great Moraine.

Please refer to the trail description in the guidebook, especially for unofficial, off-trail hikes.
Kananaskis Country Trail Guide Volume 3 Trail #27E

Trail start: Great Moraine 51.080878N, -115.115937W

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Last updated Aug 20, 2018