Distance 7.4 km return, height gain 250 m, fairly easy
The high point of a ridge lying east of the pass at 738227. The going is easy on trail to a hilltop meadow with views. Doable in spring, but at its most enjoyable in flowery summer and gaudy fall. With sufficient snow can be a good snowshoe. Sinnot Hill Snowshoe
Start: Hwy. 549 (McLean Creek Trail). Just after crossing the KC boundary, turn left on a track that heads for Threepoint Creek. Park just before a fence.
Difficulty: Easy hiking, but one stream crossing.
Note: The creek crossing can be avoided by driving down the Ware Creek road. The 9999 trail crosses the road 800 m west of Hwy. 549 at 724253. See sketch map page 195.
  • Summit view across the foothills.

Please refer to the trail description in the guidebook, especially for unofficial, off-trail hikes.
Kananaskis Country Trail Guide Volume 4 Trail #62

Trailhead: Northfork 50.755N, -114.54146W

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Last updated Jan 25, 2020