Distance 12.1 km one way, height gain 150 m, easy
Connects the Peter Lougheed Park Discovery and Information Centre to Mt. Sarrail Campground. The trail traverses most of the park, passing through Canyon, Elkwood, Boulton and Lower Lake campgrounds and ends at Mount Sarrail Campground.
Start: The best places to access the trail are any of the campgrounds along the trail, Elkwood Parking and Boulton Creek Parking.
Difficulty: Much of the trail is at a grade of 5% (1:20) or less, with the occasional short steeper section up to about 6.5%. Exceptions are the connector from the Discovery Centre with a fairly long section at 8.3% and the trail between Boulton Creek and Mount Sarrail which has grades of up to 15% - too steep for most wheelchair users.
Note: Very few wheelchair users will undertake the entire trail at 12+ km and over 150 m height gain. The section between Elwood and Boulton Creek is probably the most mellow, followed by Canyon Campground to Elkwood with steeper grades.
  • The trail south of Elkwood.

Please refer to the trail description in the guidebook, especially for unofficial, off-trail hikes.
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Last updated May 20, 2018