Easy Snowshoe Trails
The best snowshoe trails in Kananaskis Country are in higher-elevation areas where there is lots of snow.
Canmore Nordic Centre Snowshoe3.0 km return40 m Canmore Area
Goat Creek Loop6.6 km return141 m Spray Valley
South Sawmill Loop3.8 km loop80 m Smith-Dorrien
Hogarth Lakes Loop4.5 km return30 m Smith-Dorrien
Hogarth to Burstall Snowshoe5.3 km return70 m Smith-Dorrien
Avalanche Impact Pool6.4 km return60 m Smith-Dorrien
Watridge Lake7.4 km return60 m Smith-Dorrien
Sawmill Snowshoe Loops5.1 km return155 m Smith-Dorrien
Graupel Snowshoe7.7 km loop212 m Smith-Dorrien
Warspite Lake Snowshoe4.1 km return125 m Smith-Dorrien
Kananaskis Village Loop6.0 km loop120 m Kananaskis Valley
Ribbon Creek Winter9.2 km return150 m Kananaskis Valley
Evan Thomas Waterfalls7.7 km return100 m Kananaskis Valley
Frozen Toad Snowshoe8.1 km loop120 m Peter Lougheed
Lower Lake Snowshoe6.6 km return14 m Peter Lougheed
Torpor Loop6.3 km loop130 m Peter Lougheed
Elkwood Loop Snowshoe3.4 km return40 m Peter Lougheed
Penstock Snowshoe Loop4.7 km return40 m Peter Lougheed
Snowy Owl - West Crystal Loop2.9 km loop90 m West Bragg–Elbow
Snowshoe Hare6.1 km loop189 m West Bragg–Elbow
Sinnott Hill7.4 km return250 m North Fork