Volume 3 of the Kananaskis Country Trail Guide

Kananaskis Country Trail Guide Vol 3

Four days after the book went to the printer the flood happened. I am happy to say that two months on, many of the affected trails covered by Volume 3 have already been repaired or bypass trails made around flood debris. See our database. The very worst-hit trail appears to be Middle Sister. It will take years before a new trail comes into being up Stewart Creek!

Thank you to all those people who contributed photographs. You are probably wondering why you haven’t yet got a book?  The freebies from the publisher should arrive in time  for book signings in Canmore and Calgary, which is when I hope to meet with most of you and give out the books. I will keep you posted when dates for signings have been finalized. At that time I will email the contributors individually.

  • Available in Canmore at Cafe Books, Canmore Museum & Geoscience Centre, Best Western, Valhalla Pure.
  • In Banff at Mooseprint Books, Goro Canyon, Chapters.
  • In K Country at Mount Kidd, Boundary Ranch, Boulton Creek, Kananaskis outfitters at K Village,  Barrier Info Centre?
  • In Okotoks at Boothill Gallery.
  • In Black Diamond at Bluerock Gallery.
  • Hopefully, Bentley Books in Cochrane.
  • In Calgary  at Campers Village, The Norseman, Indigo, Chapters, Coles, Costco, Maptown, U of C, Pages, Owl’s Nest, Glenbow Museum, Shelf Life Books (a new independent).

I haven’t checked the above stores yet, but I do know that MEC is lagging behind in getting books into the Calgary store from their Vancouver warehouse. Keep bugging them!


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