Volunteer Trail Maintenance

Are you concerned about the poor state of some trails in Kananaskis Country? If so, you can pitch in and help by participating in a volunteer trail maintenance program co-ordinated by The Friends of Kananaskis Country.
You don’t have to be a pick-axe wielding strongman — there are three levels of activity, from reporting on trail conditions to digging drainage ditches. The type of work you can expect for each level of involvement is:

  • Litter pickup, maintaining culverts and ditches, hand pruning and disposal, and trail condition reporting.
  • Includes the above duties plus small drainage ditching and deadfall removal with hand tools, and repair/replace signage.
  • Includes both of the above plus trail surfacing, bridge repair, digging/clearing drainage ditches, and large deadfall removal.

Mountain Bike Trail Care

The Bow Valley and surrounding Kananaskis Country boast some of the best mountain biking Canada has to offer. The friends of Kananaskis Country are committed to providing quality mountain bike experiences for riders of all levels without undermining the ecological integrity of the area. In 2005 they built two new mountain bike trails including the Reclaimer (a gnarly downhill adrenaline rush) and The International (a fun intermediate kilometre single track trail). Ongoing is the construction of the Highline Trail from below Ha Ling Peak to Wind Valley.

To volunteer, email Friends of Kananaskis Country at trails@kananaskis.org or Phone: (403) 678-5593.

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  • Mike Pasternak Mar 7, 2019, 7:47 am

    I have recently retired; and I would like to volunteer in trail maintenance. such as removing the winter and wind debris left behind on the trails.
    Please contact me at my email address for further info.

  • Steve Riggs Jun 18, 2009, 9:28 pm

    Of note this season in the local mtb community is the formation of the Moose Mountain Bike Trail Society (MMBTS).
    Website- http://www.mmbts.com/members/
    After a number of years of unorganized trail building on Moose Mountain, riders have joined forces, with approval from SRD, with the aim of providing a full range of legitimate riding opportunities close to Calgary. Several “trail days”, one last fall and two thus far this season, have brought out up to 80 volunteers at a time, with great results, including the creation of a new “uptrack” trail giving an alternative to pedaling up the Moose Mountain road, for those who do not wish to shuttle. Along with that, a revitalized Calgary Mountainbike Alliance – http://www.cmbalink.com/ has been working hard to improve the riding on some existing trails such as Sulphur Springs and Tom Snow.
    Exciting times indeed for K-Country mountainbikers!
    In fact, I believe that the new spirit of co-operation between bikers and land managers in K-country bodes well for all user groups.

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