Mount Ware & Surveyors Ridge

This 20 km hike is a great fall grand tour of the Gorge Creek area of the Sheep that gets you above treeline for quite a while. Yesterday we checked out the trail to the rocky knoll SE of Mount Ware, then traversed under Mount Ware to take some photos from the west side because our camera had quit working when we were there earlier this summer.

Summit ridge of Mount Ware

On the summit ridge of Mount Ware. The long meadow leading to Surveyors Ridge on the right.

A few routefinding comments. Don’t forget to turn left onto Gorge Creek Trail just after the bridge at 1.1 km. The trail has grassed over and is not obvious. The good trail up the gully to the rocky knoll starts a few metres beyond the gate. After descending Mount Ware to the west, head all the way across the open meadows until you are overlooking a deep gully (See photo in gallery). The trail down to the col starts to the left on the edge of the gully. Pay attention to the descent off Surveyors Ridge where the trail winds around quite bit before meeting the SW-NE cutline. Watch for a sharp left turn off the NW-SE cutline onto a trail that takes you accross to Volcano Ridge Trail.

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Ware-Surveyor map