The Will of the Land

Although not a Kananaskis Country book, the amazing wildlife book The Will of the Land by Peter Dettling of Canmore is worthy of your attention and will make a fine Christmas present for anyone interested in Canadian Rockies wildlife.

The Will of the Land

Naturalist Charles Russell in reviewing the books says: “Never have I picked up a book with such wonderful pictures and then pleasantly discover that the writing equaled the images. Peter Dettling’s work is about his love of the land. His love for the Canadian Rocky Mountain National Parks dictated to him that he say something about what is happening to Banff & Co. from the perspective of someone who cares deeply and understands what stewardship could look like if it did not always carter to business.  “ The Will of the Land ” will be a delight for all those who want to see the Mountain Parks’ splendor through the eyes of an artist and at the same time have a way to understand the pitfalls of what happens when human commerce is allowed to run rampant.”

Peter Dettling, commenting on the cover photo says, “This is without a doubt the most sensational wildlife behaviour image in my career as a nature photographer. The wolf and grizzly are so close to each other without, at this point, showing aggression. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime situation.” In a moment of truce between two combatants after a long day of chases and fights (over an elk carcass) between nine wolves and a lone bear, the lead wolf stepped toward the bear until they nearly touched noses. “I was the the sole, if hidden, spectator,” says Dettling, who observed and photographed the family of wolves in Banff National Park in Alberta from late 2006 to 2010, a project that changed his life, he says. “And it certainly changed the way I see wolves and bears.”

Detling says, “Highly questionable management practices, industrial tourism and ill-conceived transportation routes have created a sinkhole rather than a stronghold for such iconic wildlife species as moose, wolves, bears or the endangered mountain (woodland) caribou. Ultimately, however, my book raises two questions: What is the purpose of a national park in the 21st century? and How does our modern society values the natural world in general? Questions, which should not to be underestimated in their importance.

Check out this trailer which shows some of the stunning pictures.

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