Winter Walk Yamnuska

Last Saturday we descended the trail from the east ridge of Yamnuska. It was well packed and not at all slippery with dry areas at the shaley viewpoints. Obviously a lot of people had been walking up this trail and most had  been to Ravens End.

Yamnuska East Ridge winter

A snowless portion of the trail first week of January.

We on the other hand, looking to make an afternoon  loop, had trogged up the cutline near the boundary with the Stoney Reservation and when it turned right down a hill, had continued on up through alternating aspen forest with sugar snow and steep bunchgrass meadows  blown completely bare. It’s a route occasionally used in summer by scramblers looking for a shorter way over to Old Fort Creek and Association Peak. Actually the difference in distance between the cutline and the trail is only about 300-400 m depending on start. We left the regular trail halfway between the quarry road and the uphill and headed right  on a track  (hard to spot in the meadows) that reached the cutline just before the first uphill. I think other people get on lower down near the parking lot. Anyway, if by some remote chance you want to try the loop in reverse, the cutline high point is GR 335663.

While I am writing the snow is coming down fast. So back to skiing and snowshoeing.

Yam E ridge winter map
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