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Calgary Area Outdoor Council no longer exists.

Alberta Hiking Association (otherwise know as AHA) is primarily an umbrella organization for hiking clubs from across the province.

Friends of Kananaskis Country The Friends of Kananaskis Country Cooperating Association works in partnership with Alberta Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture to take a leadership role in the preservation of the ecological integrity of Kananaskis Country.

Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association Promotes trails in the Bragg Creek area and assists K-Country in grooming and tracksetting the West Bragg ski trails.

Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance (CMBA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to maintaining access to non-paved trails in and around Calgary.

Alberta Trailnet Promotes a trail network, including the Trans Canada Trail, connecting all Albertans.

Web Sites

MM Hikes Photos and GPS tracks mostly from Kananaskis Country

Club – An online community dedicated to the outdoors

Matthew Clay – Local hiker and scrambler with great trip reports

Pam Asheton – Alberta Backcountry Equestrian One-Day Trail Guide

Outdoor Clubs

Local Meetup Groups

Rocky Mountain Ramblers – The  Club is dedicated to the pursuit of outdoor activities based in Calgary.

Calgary Weekend Hikers – Hike Apr 1 to Oct 31. Organize 200–300 hike each year any day of the week!

Coalition of Calgary Senior’s Outdoor Clubs – Information on 9 seniors outdoor clubs

Calgary Outdoor Club – Hiking, camping, biking, inline skating and canoeing (summer) and skiing, boarding, cross-country skiing and snow shoeing (winter), as well as social events.

Calgary Ski Club – The Calgary Ski Club welcomes outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. Skiing, hiking and social activities.

Calgary Hostel Outdoors Group – HOG members enjoy hiking, cycling, canoeing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Calgary Outdoor Recreation Enthusiasts – A smaller club of very active members of varying ages. Primarily hiking, also cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Hikers Unanimous – A volunteer Rocky Mountain Hiking Club, Calgary

The Grand Nature Club – Bring people together to enjoy the outdoor safely with a group. Banff.

FLC Seniors Club – A seniors club that offers a wide range of activities.

The Meanderthals – a hiking group within the Canmore Seniors Association.

Bow Waters Canoe Club – provides the ideal starting point to enjoy the wonderful world of canoeing.