Sawmill Snowshoe Trails Thumbnail

Heading up toward Mount Murray Viewpoint

Sawmill Snowshoe Trails

This is an update of my 2016 article. Since then Friends of Kananaskis Country volunteers have brushed-out more kilometres of trail and even created a completely new one. This allows me to suggest more loops for snowshoers to enjoy from the easy 3.8 km South Sawmill Loop to a demanding 10.8 km Sawmill North Tour.

Trail Volunteers have been busy Thumbnail

Volunteers brush out the Sawmill winter trails.

Trail Volunteers have been busy

Friends of Kananaskis Country has completed a record season of construction, improvements and maintenance of trails. Volunteers worked a total of 2,414 hours during 51 trail days under 19 trained crew leaders. Of note were improvements to the High Rockies Trail, the brushing out of 5 km of new winter trails in the Chester Sawmill [...]

The New Ha Ling Trail Thumbnail

Summit of Ha Ling.

The New Ha Ling Trail

The reconstructed Ha Ling/Miners Peak trail is finally open after an almost two season closure. We hiked it a few days ago along with hoards of hikers, trail runners and dogs. It’s different; a new style of Kananaskis Country trail with some interesting features…

Cummings or Wilkinson Ridge? Thumbnail

Approaching the rocky section of the ridge.

Cummings or Wilkinson Ridge?

There is an interesting ridge between Raspberry and Pasque in the series of ridges lining the west side of Highway 40 before the road starts its winding ascent to Wilkinson Summit. We set out to climb it on a cold, blustery July day with rain in the air.

Green Mountain: A Different Approach Trail Thumbnail

Looking down on the Castle from the ridge near the summit.

Green Mountain: A Different Approach Trail

There is a new approach trail to the top of Green Mountain that’s a lot easier than the now overgrown original route. Possibly a game trail once, there is a horse trail that takes you to the foot of the open slopes below the summit.

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