Best Larch Hikes
Larches only grow at higher elevation found in the upper Highwood Peter Lougheed Provincial Park the Sheep/Elbow watershed and the Smith-Dorrien. They are usually at their best during the last two weeks of September.
South Buller Pass14.8 km return670 m Smith-Dorrien
Piggy Plus Col13.1 km return610 m Smith-Dorrien
Tryst Lake6.6 km return260 m Smith-Dorrien
Rummel Lake10.9 km return396 m Smith-Dorrien
Burstall Pass15.6 km return472 m Smith-Dorrien
Chester Lake8.6 km return300 m Smith-Dorrien
Fisera Ridge15.2 km return900 m Kananaskis Valley
Ptarmigan Cirque Interpretive Trail3.6 km return220 m Kananaskis Valley
Pocaterra Tarn4.2 km return204 m Kananaskis Valley
Arethusa Cirque5.0 km loop274 m Highwood North
Odlum Ridge – main summits8.1 km loop863 m Highwood North
South Mist Hills14.3 km loop959 m Highwood North