Passes & Hills
Some of these passes allow you to climb adjacent ridges. There are also clusters of hills that give some great above-treeline hiking.
Quaite Valley to Jewell Pass8.4 km return326 m Bow Valley
West Wind Pass6.0 km return375 m Spray Valley
South Buller Pass14.8 km return670 m Smith-Dorrien
Burstall Pass15.6 km return472 m Smith-Dorrien
Jewell Pass13.6 km return259 m Kananaskis Valley
Grizzly Col8.0 km return518 m Kananaskis Valley
Baldy Pass from south8.5 km return420 m Kananaskis Valley
Mustang Hills Loop7.0 km loop372 m Elbow Valley
Zephyr Creek Hills19.3 km loop1231 m Highwood East
Bull Creek Hills traverse11.4 km loop936 m Highwood East
Grass Pass5.4 km return427 m Highwood East
Nameless Col5.4 km return442 m Highwood North
South Mist Hills14.3 km loop959 m Highwood North
Cat Creek Hills9.9 km loop619 m Highwood North
Strawberry Hills12.6 km loop466 m Highwood North
Coyote Hills9.0 km return625 m Highwood South
Baril Creek to Fording River Pass13.2 km backpack one way829 m Highwood South
Johnson Creek Hills9.6 km return or loop603 m Willow Creek