Smith-Dorrien favourites
The high Smith-Dorrien valley contains a concentration of some of the best hikes in Kananaskis Country. Here are our favourites.
High Rockies Black Prince to Canyon8.3 km one way220 m fairly easy
Tryst Lake6.6 km return260 m fairly easy
Chester Lake8.6 km return300 m fairly easy
Rummel Lake10.9 km return396 m moderate
High Rockies Buller to Chester12.6 km one way472 m moderate
Burstall Pass15.6 km return472 m moderate
Piggy Plus Col13.1 km return610 m moderate
South Buller Pass14.8 km return670 m moderately strenuous
Black Prince Lake9.9 km return625 m moderately strenuous
Commonwealth Ridge12.4 km return720 m moderately strenuous
Rummel Ridge6.6 km return645 m moderately strenuous
Tent Ridge Horseshoe10.1 km one way823 m strenuous
Snow Peak19.8 km return899 m strenuous
The Red Peak18.2 km return1036 m strenuous