Longer Winter Walks
Here are some longer winter walks. After a major snowfall you may want to carry snowshoes. Microspikes are recommended when melt-freeze starts usually mid February.
At higher elevations, where there is more snow, you may be able to walk on trails early in the morning, assuming they freeze overnight, but you will be post-holeing later in the day without snowshoes.
Raven's End – Yamnuska7.0 km return520 m Bow Valley
Bow Valley Provincial Park Loop8.7 km return156 m Bow Valley
Yamnuska Great Moraine Loop8.6 km loop109 m Bow Valley
Yamnuska Aspen Jungle Loop8.4 km loop39 m Bow Valley
Riverbank Loop10.9 km loop127 m Bow Valley
Prairie View Trail12.0 km return633 m Kananaskis Valley
Lusk Creek Valley Loop8.1 km loop214 m Kananaskis Valley
Pneuma - Family Guy Loop12.7 km loop551 m Elbow Valley
Prairie Link Loop12.3 km loop395 m Elbow Valley
Prairie Mountain6.8 km return700 m Elbow Valley
Sugar Daddy - Sugar Momma12.4 km loop502 m Elbow Valley
Snagmore Hill8.8 km loop162 m Elbow Valley
Elbow Valley - Riverview Loop7.6 km return240 m Elbow Valley
North Bragg Loop8.6 km loop370 m West Bragg–Elbow
Ranger Hill Loop9.6 km loop373 m West Bragg–Elbow
Telephone Ridge South9.7 km loop339 m West Bragg–Elbow
Snowy Owl - Strange Brew8.4 km loop226 m West Bragg–Elbow
Jumpingpound Loop9.5 km loop244 m Jumpingpound
Eagle Hill via Seventy Buck8.2 km return305 m Jumpingpound
Sinnott Hill7.4 km return250 m North Fork
Grass Pass5.4 km return427 m Highwood East