Easy Summits
If your'e not a scrambler you will like these technically easy summits.
Mockingbird Lookout5.6 km return354 m Ghost-Waiparous
Pigeon Mountain14.8 km return992 m Bow Valley
Ha Ling Peak7.8 km return810 m Spray Valley
Mount Lawrence Grassi9.6 km return1027 m Spray Valley
North Kent Outlier5.8 km return676 m Smith-Dorrien
The Red Peak18.2 km return1036 m Smith-Dorrien
Midnight Peak11.7 km return930 m Kananaskis Valley
Old Baldy15.6 km return868 m Kananaskis Valley
Mount Indefatigable7.0 km return938 m Peter Lougheed
Prairie Mountain6.8 km return700 m Elbow Valley
Moose Mountain normal route15.0 km return610 m Elbow Valley
Nihahi Ridge South Summit12.0 km return762 m Elbow Valley
McLean Hill - via Ridge trail3.3 km return320 m McLean Creek
Cox Hill - north ridge12.8 km return714 m Powderface Trail
Mount Hoffmann8.5 km return470 m Sheep River
Mount Ware15.2 km return448 m Sheep River
Junction Lookout25.6 km return750 m Sheep River
Mount Barwell15.2 km return789 m North Fork
Mount Quirk19.2 km return502 m North Fork
The Hill of the Flowers6.0 km backpack side trip579 m Highwood North
Mount Lipsett14.2 km return701 m Highwood North
Plateau Mountain13.6 km return344 m Highwood South
Raspberry Ridge Lookout9.2 km return649 m Highwood South
Hailstone Butte from the east3.2 km return336 m Willow Creek
Windy Peak11.9 km loop634 m Willow Creek