Longer Family Hikes
Longer half- to short-day hikes for families with older children or those who want a less strenuous day hike.
Springs of the Ghost Trail6.3 km loop24 m Ghost-Waiparous
Benchlands - G8 Loop3.9 km loop20 m Canmore Area
Three Sisters Waterfall3.6 km return190 m Canmore Area
Larch Island Loop7.7 km loop10 m Canmore Area
Grassi Lakes3.8 km return162 m Canmore Area
Yamnuska Great Moraine Loop8.6 km loop109 m Bow Valley
Grotto Canyon3.0 km return128 m Bow Valley
Yamnuska Aspen Jungle Loop8.4 km loop39 m Bow Valley
Prospector5.0 km loop80 m Bow Valley
Bow Valley Provincial Park Loop8.7 km return156 m Bow Valley
Drumlin & Whale Lake5.7 km loop32 m Bow Valley
Goat Pond to Goat Creek7.8 km one way217 m Spray Valley
Mount Murray Viewpoint6.0 km loop260 m Smith-Dorrien
Avalanche Impact Pool6.4 km return60 m Smith-Dorrien
Ptarmigan Cirque Interpretive Trail3.6 km return220 m Kananaskis Valley
Edworthy Falls9.7 km return175 m Kananaskis Valley
Fullerton Loop6.6 km return229 m Elbow Valley
Rainy Summit Ridge4.9 km return405 m Elbow Valley
Snagmore Hill8.8 km loop162 m Elbow Valley
Snowshoe Hare - Telephone Loop4.4 km loop142 m West Bragg–Elbow
Deer Ridge Loop7.1 km return229 m Jumpingpound
Long Prairie Ridge5.4 km loop131 m Sheep River
Foran Grade Loop6.8 km loop229 m Sheep River
High Noon Hills2.6 km return122 m Sheep River
Sandy McNabb Hill4.2 km return97 m Sheep River
Mesa Butte1.7 km return236 m North Fork
Arethusa Cirque5.0 km loop274 m Highwood North
Cat Creek Interpretive Trail4.0 km return91 m Highwood North
Indian Graves Ridge1.8 km return168 m Willow Creek