Gorge Creek Trail the road in 2010

Ware Creek end of Gorge Creek Road

The road is starting to grow-in and drainage runnels are appearing

Recently drove up the truncated northeast end of the Gorge Creek Trail, which, perhaps, should be renamed the Ware Creek Trail as it goes nowhere near Gorge Creek.  Despite it being a holiday day, the Ware Creek trailhead was deserted and wore an air of abandonment. It badly needs some maintenance plus picnic tables to lure people there. Not to mention some brushing out of the Ware Creek trail. The closed section of road, destined to be the new Link trail, was barricaded by not one but two gates and numerous strands of barbed wire, the barbed wire extending both sides into the bush. I was about to make some quip  about border controls  when Tony noticed  a cattle gate at the side of the road, the kind that is hard to open and even harder to shut  unless you’re an arm wrestler. (Does anyone else have a problem with these gates?) So we got through and walked up the road a way. I can report it is growing grass down the centre line; the gouge out of the road is still there; there is no sign of logging yet.

Gates on Gorge Creek Road at Ware Creek

Gates on Gorge Creek Road at Ware Creek. Overkill?

But back to those fences. Anyone going to Allsmoke Mountain along the meadows of Ware Creek now has to navigate two of those gates in a new fence extending right across the meadow.

Damage near the Ware Creek end of the Gorge Creek Road

Damage near the Ware Creek end of the Gorge Creek Road that precipitated the road closure

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  • Terry Dec 22, 2016, 10:43 am

    To bad road was closed due to a small washout.I guess cattle association and forestry needed any reason to shut down so they could clear cut for cattle grazing and we wonder why are wild life are starving.Spent many many years in that area and now due to lazy forestry and cattle the area see’s very little use and the clear cutting goes on.Sad.

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