Changes to Rainy Summit Ridge

Finally got to check out unofficial trail #30 in volume 2 after a gap of a few years. As many of you have already discovered (the trail is well-trodden),  the first two paragraphs as written up in the 4th edition are now obsolete. A new and  better start has evolved that is actually based on the original start of years back through the bushy cutblock.

From Rainy Summit lay-by,  walk west a few metres and turn right onto a good track that crosses the meadow into the aspens. Turn next left onto an equally good track that climbs, curling right  to a small clearing. Go straight ahead on the excellent Rainy Summit Ridge trail that shortly turns left into a bit of old cutblock, then climbs at the edge of mature pines into the traverse line. The transition is seamless.

Then everything is as before to the viewpoint on the lower top. From here on to the summit of the overlook expect another change for the better: the reappearance of the trail, steep and rough in places but flagged throughout.

Rainy Summit Ridge-rocks

The last rocky stretch to the top. You can just see the flag.

The summit  presently features an inukshuk and a large cairn holding in place a lodgepole flying the Canadian flag à la Prairie Mountain. A sign reads “Welcome to Sunrise Hill.”

Rainy Summit Ridge-flag

The summit of the overlook.

Rainy Summit Ridge-sign
Rainy Summit Ridge-ridge

Descending the rocky ridge.

Rainy Summit Ridge-trail

Descending the good trail alongside the old cutblock.

RSR map gpx
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  • Tim Aug 29, 2016, 3:08 pm

    I followed the 4th Edition as closely as I could and did fine. Definitely started out on the wrong foot, but the general direction and hitting the flagged and more distinct sections. Once I hit the rocky ridge I knew I was onto something. I appreciated this route for its views and being able to use that Big roadside turn out for something.

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