Snowshoe North Bragg Trail

Since we first promoted it in December 2008, this easy 8.3 km snowshoe trail is becoming increasingly popular. Yesterday we hiked and snowshoed  the trail to follow up on reports of improvements and check out a worthwhile extension at the north end. Someone has been in there with a chainsaw and cleared the extensive area of deadfall mentioned in the original post, as well as trimming trees and alder at the side of the trail. Hopefully North Bragg will be included as an official snowshoe trail in the upgrading of the West Bragg trails proposed by the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association.

Head north from West Bragg parking and follow Telephone Trail to the first junction. Turn left on Hostel Loop. About a kilometre from the parking area you will see a trail sign pointing to the right. Bear left on an old logging road and follow your nose and occasional flagging up and around a ridge then down through trees to the valley that contains the west leg of Telephone Trail. Traverse an open area and pass through bad blow-down (now cleared). Round a right-hand bend and watch for the trail heading down to the left.

You can extend your trip by 1.9 km if  you continue straight at this junction. After 150 m you reach a cutline. Go straight up the old logging road to the height of land. Note a line of alders growing on the old road leading left. Follow the edge of the alders and continue on the same line when they end, watching for trimmed trees. The old road makes a sharp turn left and becomes increasingly obvious. Follow the road down (some alder) and round to join your upcoming route.

North Bragg Trail northern extension

Heading up the optional northern loop.

If you want a shorter day, a cut-off route, shown on the map by a dashed line, leads down a sheltered valley. The upper half is all meadow. Lower down, the going is still easy in trees with the odd deadfall to circumvent or step over. On reaching an obvious track turn left and follow it down to Bragg Creek. Cross and  reach Mountain Road just west of the bridge. This shorter loop is 7.2 km.

This updates and replaces the December 2008 post.

Download GPS track log gpx
North Bragg map
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  • Tony Daffern Jun 21, 2013, 8:30 am

    We haven’t noticed any copyright problems, though some other blogs have taken our content idea and written their ow similar blogs. Sometimes we get acknowledged, which is okay. Unfortunately there is little you can do about it. Legal action would be much too expensive for most bloggers.

  • Jason Edworthy Jul 11, 2010, 5:50 am

    We’ve been riding this trail for a few years, from before it seems anyone else paid much attention to it. We call it ‘Hidden Trail’, and is one of our favorites, especially if we link it up to Moose Loop. It’s good in the winter as we don’t interfere with skiers, and as it is not too rocky it’s also a good one for horses that are unshod. Bonus, we don’t see bikers up there, so no surprises on the trail.

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