Data from Peter Lougheed Provincial Park Weather Stations Available via Avalanche Canada

Data from five Kananaskis Country weather stations in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park is available via the Avalanche Canada website. You can view snow depth, amount of new snow, temperature, wind speed and direction, and relative humidity for the past 24 hours. Find out what the temperature is at the trailhead and if there is any new snow.


Go to the and enlarge the map to focus in on the Kananaskis Lakes area. You should see the weather station icons. If you don’t, use the pull-down menu on the top left and make sure “Weather stations” is in bold face. If MIN icons are in the way you can turn them off using this menu. Here is more information on the five weather stations”

  • Mud Lake is probably the most useful weather station as it allows you to check conditions at the Burstall and Chester trailheads. For example this morning at 8:00 am the temperature was -17°C with no new snow and no wind. Direct link.
  • The Black Prince weather station at 2300 m is on an east-facing ridge at the top of the area used for backcountry skiing. Very useful for those folks.
  • Burstall Pass. Located 2300 m in the middle of the open valley to the southeast of the pass.
  • Aster Lake at 2350 m below the Continental Divide is near treeline in Foch Creek
  • The Highwood Pass station at the pass is only of any practical use prior to the December 1st road closure. 
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