Winter Walk on whatsitcalled loop, West Bragg

Lots of people are walking this loop from West Bragg parking lot. What’s it called? It was called Coyote Loop, then Raven Loop (both acceptable names for walkers), but is now finally and officially the Braggin’ Rights-Reconnect-Long Distance-Braggin Rights loop. This is what happens when mountain bikers call the naming shots! So, anyway, lots of people are walking the BRRLDBR loop because there isn’t enough snow for snowshoeing. A lot of the ground is bare or icy and snow is hard and crunchy with a well-worn track.

Braggin Rights

Braggin Rights, not far from the start.

We went round clockwise. Braggin Rights under the aspens was a little icy on the climb up to Long Distance. The lovely traverse into Telephone Loop was mostly bare under mature pines, most of which will be logged. We hadn’t done the next section before on the west side of Telephone and were intrigued to discover it went far enough west to hit the old well road at a sign where Merlin View Loop will take off up a ridge earmarked for logging. Then we descended to Telephone and crossed it into the plantation where there was much more snow. What hasn’t been logged here, is due to be logged. We were now on the logging road called Reconnect, nee North Bragg Loop. At the second junction in the plantation we left the logging road and went right on Long Distance trail up onto North Bragg Hill and down its long southeast ridge. I took lots of pics, because all of the hill—both sides of it from one end to the other—will soon be one big clearcut. Arriving back in the parking lot we met Troy, the trail designer, who asked us where we’d been. Er…

An enjoyable walk but also a depressing one. Do it soon while you can still enjoy hearing  the wind in the treetops. Distance 9 km loop.


Braggin North Bragg Map
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  • Maria Haines Aug 30, 2012, 3:43 pm

    Hiked Braggin’ Rights trail today and just loved it! A beautiful shaded hike on a hot day, I can’t believe the area is due to be logged.
    Also enjoyable is Strange Brew, Ranger Summit to Sugar Momma and out to Fullerton Loop. Great trails!

  • thepassionatehiker Mar 4, 2012, 6:40 pm

    An awesome hike which I did under sunny skies today, in an anti-clockwise direction. The West Bragg Creek parking lot was full and overflowing but I only saw six people on my trail. Muddy and bare lower down, but 95% of the trail made perfect snow-shoeing – and after the coming snowstorm it will be even more perfect. I like the wide views to Moose Mountain that you get as you traverse Reconnect. Mist was rising from Canyon Creek up onto the high ridges. Similarities to Snagmore but much more spectacular.

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