Canmore and Bow Valley

Wind Ridge new start

There is a new section of trail in Wind Valley that gives easy access to the Wind Ridge trail. It has 4 new bridges if you count the replacement of the 2015 bridge over Pigeon Creek that was recently demolished by a falling tree.

The Great (Trans Canada) Trail in Kananaskis Country now has a paddling section. The trail from Stewart Creek Interchange to Dead Man’s Flats is now shown on the Great Trail map as a 6.5 km Water Trail from Bow River Campground to Three Sisters Campground. Unfortunately, whoever dreamed up this idea didn’t consider the practicalities.

Starting this month, Alberta Parks will be working on the much-needed upgrade and re-route of the Ha Ling Peak hiking trail. As construction will require tree removal, blasting and new trail construction, Alberta Parks will implement occasional full mountain closures, and will not permit access to hiking and climbing routes on Ha Ling Peak during the closures.

New construction is in full swing along the old haul road that allowed access to the start of Quebexican and to Middle Sister via Stewart Creek. As you can see from Iain Ramsey’s photo there’s heavy equipment working and a “no access” notice. While you can probably walk the road safely Sundays and holidays, during [...]

Four days after the book went to the printer the flood happened. I am happy to say that two months on, many of the affected trails covered by Volume 3 have already been repaired or bypass trails made around flood debris. See our database. The very worst-hit trail appears to be Middle Sister. It will [...]

New start to Stoneworks Canyon etc

If you’re aiming for Stoneworks Canyon or the west end of Douglas Fir Bench and other trails there’s a new access. From Hwy. 1  in Canmore going west take exit 89 and turn left onto the service road. Drive past Palliser Village. Park on the south side of the service road about 100 m east [...]

Under Yamnuska in winter

The Yamnuska Natural Area, as it used to be called, is now part of Bow Valley Wildland Park, but to me it remains a special place with its amazing diversity of glacial land forms  and habitats. Most people visit in summer. But it’s also a great place to wander around in winter when the  numerous [...]

Winter Walk Yamnuska

Last Saturday we descended the trail from the east ridge of Yamnuska. It was well packed and not at all slippery with dry areas at the shaley viewpoints. Obviously a lot of people had been walking up this trail and most had  been to Ravens End. We on the other hand, looking to make an [...]

East Wind Pond Revisited

We  haven’t been back to East Wind Pond for a long time and were  expecting the worst. Would the old exploration roads have grown in? Would the trail stamped out by the boy scouts nearly 20 years ago even BE there? I was trying to explain to some hikers at the trailhead where we were [...]

How to get to Middle Sister

The ongoing construction in Canmore has changed the access to many trails, often for the better. The Stewart Creek trail to Middle Sister is no exception. While Canmorites know where to go, out-of-towners may be puzzled and, heaven forbid, still trying to follow the routes written up in the third edition of the Kananaskis Country [...]

Canmore Benchlands signs

Right now, GPSing the trails on the Canmore benchlands for Volume 3 of the Kananaskis Country Trail Guide. When having a drink on Stoney’s patio at Silvertip and feeling remarkably out of place amongst the golfers, we were asked if we were hiking. “Yes”. “Didn’t know there were any trails around here.” “ Yes, must [...]

Wind Ridge and Pink Floyd?

Just learned something new on twitter about Wind Ridge from @GeoKs. So am passing it on. In their words: “The next few shots were taken near Geocache BCP484 Wind Ridge and GC2E1M8 Learning to Fly. We were #8 to sign the logbook for “Learning to Fly” and it’s from this geocache write-up that we learned that [...]

I’m referring to the section of park bounded by the Trans-Canada Highway, Rafter Six Ranch Resort, Camp Chief Hector  and Stoney trail, north of Barrier Lake. Unlike the popular northern section, it has no public facilities, but it does have a large network of  trails. Rafter Six Ranch Resort uses them for trail rides, Camp [...]

Killer Knees: the CNC’s hiking trail

On the Canmore Nordic Centre’s summer trail map (price $1.50), one page is devoted to its one and only hiking trail AM, meaning “to alpine meadows.” (The Georgetown interpretive trail seems to have got mixed up among the bike trails.) It is touted as 2.5 km one way  with a 250 m height gain from the stadium area and is closed between Dec. 2 and June 25 because of wildlife concerns.

Clarifying Jura Creek trails

A map showing  the canyon route, the canyon bypass and the high trail which has a steep start and even steeper finish down to a campsite. When water levels are reasonable, we prefer the canyon bypass despite a bit of stream hopping.

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