Changes to Trails from Ribbon Creek parking lot

Recent changes that affect both summer and winter use start from Hidden trail which leaves the Ribbon Creek parking lot behind the kiosk. Before you go take a gander at the up-to-date map displayed at the trailhead.


Part of one of the new maps now posted at Hidden Trail trailhead.

A new start to SKOGAN PASS TRAIL  Follow Hidden trail to a new 4-way junction with the Centennial trail/Ribbon Creek ski trail.  Turn right. The  new wide ski trail gradually descends to meet the old trail from the picnic shelter just before the road crossing.

Changes to CENTENNIAL TRAIL up Mount Allan which is also being touted as a leg of a snowshoe loop that can be extended to  Mine Scar. So as before: up Hidden trail to the new 4-way. Turn left and  follow what is also the Ribbon Creek ski trail to a junction. This time keep left. (Right is the north leg of a snowshoe loop.) At the next junction turn right off the ski trail onto a brand new section of hiking/snowshoe trail that cuts out the steepest hill on the original. On joining the old trail, you’ve still got some uphilling to do, but it’s not as onerous as before. It’s good to see that all these junctions are now very well signed with  maps.

MARMOT CREEK teaser.  Because so many people are milling about the hillside above Troll Falls to go look at higher-up falls it was deemed essential to put in a proper trail  that goes nowhere near the top of Troll Falls where there was a serious accident last July. A preliminary line has been marked out, but work on the ground won’t start until next year.

In winter, you can walk behind Marmot Falls.

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  • Alf Skrastins Jan 6, 2019, 4:58 pm

    A couple of notes about the new Ribbon Creek maps.
    1. They do not show most of the new snowshoe/fat-bike trails that have been added recently.
    2. The maps seem to indicate that XC skiing is no longer a designated activity on the old “ski trail” network. There is no XC Skier logo anywhere on the map. There are symbols for fat-biking, snowshoeing and even skate skiing on a couple of trails. I have no idea if the intent was to convert all of the trails to multi-user status… but that is certainly the message that the maps display to the public.

  • gillean Daffern Nov 10, 2018, 8:46 pm

    Derek and everybody: people are using one of the many existing trails which the properly built trail will be based on. Right now the posts are just acting as guides. The last post says end of trail. My info came from trail builder Jeff E just a couple of days ago.

  • RyderDA Nov 10, 2018, 6:46 pm

    Lots of people are writing on the Hike Alberta Facebook site about the Marmot Creek trail being built & signposted already. I haven’t been over there yet, so don’t have any info other than what I’ve seen in photos (and blogs) on line. See, for instance,

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