K Country’s Forgotten Trail

The Lac des Arc Waterfowl Viewing Trail is promoted by a sign at a popular pull-out on westbound Trans-Canada Highway. However, the start to the trail has been overlaid by the new guard rail. So visitors new to the trail squeeze through a gap in the guardrail at the garbage bin and then what? With no trail in sight do they go left, right or down to the lake? Judging by scuff marks, most go down to the lake where they come unstuck.

sign at lake

Trail sign at the pull-out at Lac des Arcs

On a recent visit we noticed the trail is in bad shape.  Obviously lots of people are still using it, making ugly reroutes around fallen trees and encroaching bushes.  It’s all so unnecessary.  A half day’s work with a chainsaw and folding saw would see it to rights. The blinds are all pretty good still, but the picnic table is on its last legs and needs replacing.  So until a new trail comes into being behind the guard rail, an arrow on a post pointing left would be helpful.

Observation blind

The fourth observation blind located at the end of the trail.

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  • Jill Jul 15, 2016, 11:08 am

    Thanks for posting this. I tried to walk this trail last summer with my two kiddos – 3&1yo. We went a few hundred meters and then gave up and headed back to the car. It would be great to see it fixed up.

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