Try our New Kananaskis Outdoor Forum

We have added a Forum page to our website (“FORUM” in Menu Bar at top of the page) in order to:

  • Build a community of Kananaskis trail users, hikers, backcountry skiers, and snowshoers. It’s your Outdoor Forum, and how it evolves will depend on if, and how, you use it. While there are other sites that cater to Scramblers and Mountain Bikers, we will be happy to add new forums for them if required.
  • Allow better discussion of our blog topics than blog “comments” currently does. We have the ability to create a forum topic from a blog and, though we haven’t tried it yet, a blog from a forum topic. Please bear with us as we experiment with the new software!

The Kananaskis Outdoor Forum page at present contains two Groups, each with three Forums (Hiking Trails, Snowshoe Trails and Information & Issues are all Forums.)

The first Group, Kananaskis Country Trails, is for questions about trails, information on new trails, updates on trail alignment, etc. The forum Information & Issues is intended for discussion about trails in general.

The second Group, Kananaskis Country Information, is for any matters not specifically concerning trails that may be of interest to anyone who uses Kananaskis Country. For instance discussions on MeetUp Groups or the Alberta Hiker’s Association would be appropriate. There is a forum on Eateries and Watering Holes in this group. Finally, there is a forum Outdoor Gear for gear and electronic toys.

We hope you like, and use, the new Forums. As usual, we welcome your comments (via the General Information forum) and ideas.

The Forum, Simple:Press Forum is designed to work with our blogging platform, WordPress and our site’s theme Thesis.