Logging this season will affect some trails

Was at Spray Lakes Sawmills Open House recently looking at their plans for the coming year. And sure enough, some of the plans affect descriptions in Vol. 2 of the KCTG which is barely out in the book stores. But that’s K Country. Wait a week, and something else has changed.

1. Hailstone Butte. Both sides of the fire road will be logged low down. Won’t affect anything.

2. Belmore Browne Access (#65 in vol, 2). The logging road will be reopened. (Right now new growth has  reduced it to single track.) Logging will be on the opposite south side of the valley near where you take to the cutline in the trees.

3. Rainy Creek Trails. The logging road (28B in vol. 2.) will be reopened right to the far end meadow. I sure hope they leave the beautiful spruce shown in the photo on page 102. Is it too much to hope that the meadows will also be left intact?

4. The cutblocks shown on the map on page  213 in vol. 2 will be extended northwards. A new haul road will be pushed in off Powderface Trail the Road.

5. Ford Creek Trail (#54 in vol.2).— the area north of the Little Elbow Recreation Area and before the trail shoots up the hillside. All the land east of the trail will be logged.

6. Hunchback Hills (#76 in vol.2). The good news is that SLS have given up plans to log the centre valley. Instead they will be logging the northern slopes above Hwy. 68. There will be a short window of opportunity to climb onto the hills via the log road and a rather nice ridge I have had my eye on.

7. West Bragg Creek. In conjunction with Fire Smart , Greater Bragg Creek Trail Assn. etc. logging may start this summer if all the agencies involved are in agreement. Prepare to be shocked  at the extent of the fire breaks. But after what happened to Slave Lake…

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  • Pam Asheton Jun 8, 2011, 9:38 am

    Good Morning – !

    Just updating ‘Trail Updates’ on my own website for equestrian users and trying (ha!) to find a map reference for the ‘Long Prairie Ridge’ new trail – and the as always wonderful people at K-Country Information gave me a reference.

    Yours. Marvelous blog, loved it. So much hugely valuable information and the feedback (as always for the Ghost, my goodness)…….terrific service.

    The trail updates go in the next few days sometime but have put in a link to your blog and highly recommended as a terrific resource.

    Just brilliant!
    Very best regards,

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