New Start to Baldy Pass Trail from Lusk Creek

Since the last update in May, the trails in this area have changed once again.

Thanks to Jeff E, a completely new trail (dashed line on map) has been built between the Old Mill Road and Lusk Creek.  It serves as both an interpretive trail and as a new start to Baldy Pass trail.  Basically, it winds up an open ridge to a lookout — which is yet to be built — then continues on to join the upper section of the  Old Mill Road.

Unfinished viewpoint at end of interpretive trail

Unfinished viewpoint at end of interpretive trail

Because it’s scenic, enjoyable to hike and shorter, it will undoubtably supersede the original route up the winding lower section of the Old Mill Road.  In fact, I’m told this section of road will not appear on future K Country maps.  However, — and this is good—the road will remain open so that people, be they hikers, bikers, equestrians, skiers or snowshoers, can use it  to make a short 6.1 km loop from Lusk Creek day-use area.

While missing interpretive signs (posts are in), and  needing refinements, it’s ready to hike right now. See the Barrier Lake web cam for conditions.

Other changes: The lower part of the  2007 logging road has been reclaimed. Regrettably, the shortcut from Lusk Pass Trail to Baldy Pass Trail as marked on the May map has been plowed up and slash strewn on top.

Lusk Creek Map
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  • Tim O Jan 15, 2011, 6:57 pm

    Snowshed the loop using the old mill road counter-clockwise, that is also my suggestion for the loop.

    The viewpoints have nice big split log benches and the signs are up, but uninteresting.

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