Kananaskis Country’s New Trail Reporting System

Kananaskis Country is upgrading their information program in an attempt to provide accurate, timely information in an easier to digest format on multiple platforms. They are working to improve their social media presence and are now publishing a new trail report format with multiple active links and a “live grooming report”. Resources permitting, they hope to have the Elbow-West Brag trails updated by Christmas and the rest of K-Country later this season. Check out the initial Ribbon Creek report. Try out the Live Grooming Report. I like the “Terrain” option for viewing the map (click on the layers icon top right).


The new trail report with its clean layout and colorful icons will look good on smartphone devices.

In an email Alf comments: It’s fantastic! This new trail report format is a welcome improvement. I like the snow depth summary in the introductory section. The listing of specific trails is good and the groomers comments on specific trails are very helpful. The link to the trail map is excellent and the new map is very easy to read. I especially like the grooming map on the topographical map. This is an excellent way of presenting trail information! I am very impressed.

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