Rainy Summit Ridge new start

Most of you will be asking “where the h— is Rainy Summit Ridge?”  It’s the ridge to the west of Rainy Summit on Hwy. 66. The top end of it links up with Powderface Ridge trail. I don’t know who started the ball rolling, but when we first went up about 15 years ago there was already a trail to the first viewpoint. Since then, the trail through the “cutblock” has splintered amid a dense jungle of shrubs and  trees. As someone said, the possibilty of coming face to face with a griz was very real.

So in 2010 a new start was orchestrated by X and  a friend  that totally misses out the cutblock and climbs through open forest (good sight-lines) to the foot of the rock ridge. The terrain is steeper than the old route, but if you follow the blazes and odd pieces of flagging you should ascend on a zigzag line. In places a trail exists where it follows snippets of game trails. The junction with the old trail is marked with a blazed tree and flagging.

Rainy Summit Ridge

View of Rainy Summit Ridge, the overlook to left, the first viewpoint at centre. From the big cairn, the route follows stumps with rocks on top and the odd blazed tree to the bottom of the forested slope at 534328.

As mentioned, it comes out at the bottom of the rock ridge from where the trail is obvious all the way to the viewpoint. Climbing up farther to Rainy Summit Overlook (no trail) is an option. Besides being the better viewpoint and a destination in its own right, the overlook connects with Powderface Ridge trail, thus making Rainy Summit Ridge an alternate route to Powderface Ridge. Personally, I prefer to use it as part of a loop using the old pack trail shown on the map.

Rainy Summit Ridge map
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  • GMJ Aug 24, 2015, 10:40 pm

    On a similar note, while walking along Windy Point Ridge in the Sheep one time I came to the true summit to find a campfire ring (becoming common on ridges in K country these days it seems…) with a nice green lawn chair sitting there and two burnt out sharp edged cans. I wonder who goes to all that trouble anyway?

  • Xcaret Aug 24, 2015, 8:29 am

    Getting off track a ways I came to a clearing with a bar be que all set up like you might find on a deck. Getting closer I saw it was riddled with bullet holes and broken bottles , clay pigeons and garbage everywhere , plus car tire marks. Very disgusting , and I soon left the site and was back on the trail .

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