Winter Walk/Snowshoe Evan Thomas Waterfalls

It’s always great to have an objective. In this case it’s a trio of spectacular ice falls decorating the great red cliffs along the west bank of the creek. Access is easy via a flat trail beaten down by climbers and snowshoers.

Start at Evan-Thomas parking lot off Hwy. 40. Follow Evan-Thomas Creek trail (logging road groomed for skiing) to a junction at 1.6 km. Turn right onto Wedge Connector (logging road, also groomed) and descend to the bridge over Evan-Thomas Creek. Snowshoers sometimes get onto the creek bed earlier from Evan-Thomas trail.The foot trail leaves the near side of the bridge and heads up Evan-Thomas Creek, following one bank or the other. Creek crossings were still okay as of last week. At 3.1 km you reach Chantilly Falls, a popular beginner’s route with line-ups on weekends. Farther on at 3.85 km is the super impressive Moonlight (110 m high)and its side kick Snowline.

Most people turn back here, but you can continue to follow a less good trail to the mouth of the canyon at 4.7 km. This is the end of the road for snowshoers. People on foot can continue to follow the climber’s trail to Rehab Wall, but I don’t recommend it. The bypass trail crosses tricky exposed terrain.

Return trip to Moonlight is 7.7 km, to start of canyon 9.4 km.
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Evan Thomas Creek Map
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