Snowshoe Rummel Lake

This was the first time we’ve snowshoed to Rummel Lake: usually we’re on skis. So it was interesting to note that  the snowshoers had packed down a really good trail and are obviously the dominant users nowadays. On our trip on a Tuesday we counted 37 snowshoers, 11 skiers and 4 dogs!  Both in and out we played leapfrog with the Calgary Meet-up group that Tony blogged about in the  previous entry. (See their pictures).

So what is the trail like for snowshoing? Overall, I would say  moderately easy.  In comparison with the neighboring Chester Lake Snowshoe Trail,  you can expect a little more height gain and a little more distance (10.2 km return). But no relentlessly steep  uphill plod that  makes some  Chester Lake snowshoers decide to take to the ski trail.  So the more gradual height gain is a definite plus.

View from near the top of the second cutblock

View from near the top of the second cutblock

After the logging road beginning, the trail winds up through two cutblocks. As expected, the passage between the cutblocks is narrowing as the trees mature  and could cause problems in the future if not brushed out.  It’s on the treed ridge above Rummel Creek where you encounter short steep dips. But, hey, today’s crampon-like snowshoes can handle them easily. At Rummel Creek the summer and winter routes diverge. Winter users cross the bridge over Rummel Creek and plod  through forest —very beautiful when we were there with lots of snow on the trees—following yellow markers  to the cool shady  lake shore. Didn’t notice a side trail leading to the biffy. (This is the only destination in K Country’s provincial parks  where you can winter camp.)

The return is very enjoyable, with a choice of fun shortcuts in the cutblocks to slide down.

Map Rummel Lake snowshoe trail
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  • Kimberly Aardal Dec 31, 2009, 10:05 am

    Absolutely stunning scenery! I’ve been to your area in the summer and have done some hiking but never had the chance to snowshoe. Maybe one of these days. Happy New Year!

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