Avalanche Canada

avalanche canadaAvalanche Canada is the new name for the Canadian Avalanche Centre, the world class organization that has provided Avalanche Bulletins for Canada’s winter backcountry users for the past 10 years. Separated from the Canadian Avalanche Association, the organization that serves and supports professional avalanche workers, it will have its own new logo, its own staff and its own board of directors. Avalanche Canada will continue to offer the same public avalanche safety programs, deliver public avalanche awareness and education programs, act as a central point-of-contact for avalanche information, and encourage avalanche research. Along with the name change comes an additional $150,000 from the Alberta government for each of the next three years.

One thing that has not changed is their website address. You will still go to avalanche.ca for public bulletins and to access their services. Expect a new look to the website by the start of the winter.

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