Cougar encounter in Evan-Thomas Creek

I have reproduced below a report by Sarah Hueniken, Alpine Guide with Yamnuska Mountain Adventures that she wrote for The Association of Mountain Guides Jan 7th Public Mountain Conditions Report about an encounter with a cougar in Evan-Thomas Creek. We should all consider her conclusion.

“Worked in Evan-Thomas Creek today. Had the whole area to ourselves all day, or so we thought. As we were hiking out, about 500 m from the parking lot, we rounded a corner on the big trail and came across a cougar sitting in the middle of the trail. It followed us back up the trail as we walked backwards pathetically armed with tools in hand. Eventually we escaped to the creek and hiked to the highway from there. I returned for our packs later with a Conservation Officer, but we did not see him/her anymore, but there were plenty of tracks.”

“We noticed relatively fresh tracks in the morning when we were hiking in, but having taken that trail so many times in the past, I didn’t think too much of it.  I think in the future if I see cougar tracks I will reconsider my days plan a bit more.”

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