Snowshoe Long Prairie Ridge

With new snow and the promise of groomed trails we decided to ski the Sandy McNabb ski trails on Saturday. The temperature on arrival was 4°C and rising. Not wanting to put klister on our skis we ended up snowshoeing scenic Long Prairie Ridge, basking in warm sun on the crest while we ate an early lunch.

Bluerock Mountain from Long Prairie Ridge

Bluerock Mountain from Long Prairie Ridge

Rather than heading down the gentle grade of Long Prairie Creek we extended our day by heading up Balsam Link to the twin viewpoints on Pine Ridge. From the first we looked out across Carry Ridge to the highrises of Calgary and from the second we could easily pick out Mesa Butte in the North Fork. We finished by descending Macabee Creek and Long Prairie Creek. A pleasant 9.3 km loop.

While we could have hiked, our snowshoes did less damage to the ski trail than boots, which would have punched through to the ground in the soft snow. With care, there is enough room to snowshoe without stepping on the ski tracks.

North Sandy McNabb trails
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  • Gerard Lachapelle Jan 17, 2010, 3:33 pm

    I hiked this loop yesterday, 16Jan10, following Tony’s description. The temperature was just below zero and the snow was sufficiently hard to support me. The recent warm weather has rendered the ski tracks poor and icy in most places. The hiking conditions were truly exceptional and the views from Long Prairie Ridge great. The cumulated height gain is slightly over 200 m. I met only one large party on a Search and Rescue exercise. Rogers mobile coverage is available at the view points at the north end of Pine Ridge, which is good in case of emergency.

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