Geology Road Tours by Ben Gadd

bengaddbookLatest book by Ben Gadd  covers main highways in the Canadian Rockies including the Trans-Canada from Calgary to Canmore,  Hwy. 40 from the Trans-Canada to Highwood Junction,  and Hwy. 541 from Highwood Junction to Longview.  Written in Ben’s usual easy-to-understand  “plain English” with lots of photos and diagrams. It’s great to have a pic of Mist Mountain on the front cover!

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  • JP May 9, 2009, 6:35 pm

    Hi Guys,

    This is probably not the right place to ask, but…
    I see that your old K-Country hiking guides are no longer in print. Do your new books cover the same hikes? I have the old volume 2, and was hoping to buy volume 1, so I’m looking for a guide that covers the same area as the old volume 1.
    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.


  • Mikey Mar 22, 2009, 7:01 am

    Dear Ben

    It is a visually arresting cover. I work for the academic publisher Routledge in the UK so I know my covers! We have done a couple of Geology titles, we have a splendid second edition of one at present, stunning books, am happy to send you an edition if you like (the link should hopefully work-Fundamentals of Geomorphology by Hugget)

    I was hoping to pop over in April for the upcoming Calgary Alpine meeting to meet some people but it looks as though I may have to skip it. There is some stunning walking and hiking around the area and I love Banff / Calgary. I am desperate to immigrate but the current economic climate is not really conducive and job hunting is tough – wherevere we are we still have the walking though. Although, as I recall, the Rockies are a little more engaging than the old Munros this side of the pond!

    Forgive me if my post is felt impertinent. I would purchase a copy of your book but it makes no sense for me to get a copy here only to have to ship it out at some point in, hopefully, the near future.

    My regards and have a good close to the weekend.

  • Ben Gadd Jan 2, 2009, 9:09 pm

    Thanks for asking about my new tome! Check for it at Pages in Calgary, the U of C Bookstore, the U of A Bookstore in Edmonton, or Map Town in Edmonton and Calgary. Or e-mail me if you’d like a signed copy.

  • Gillean Daffern Dec 29, 2008, 5:19 pm

    It’s new, so should be in all the bookstores. Get them to check before you go.

  • Kim Dec 29, 2008, 10:31 am

    Where is this book available…it would be amazing to have along on trips.

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