The latest on Gorge Creek Trail/Road

Despite the best efforts of the KCTUG (K-Country Trail Users Group) that included  a letter writing campaign to various ministers and a presentation to the KCICC (K Country Interdepartmental  Consultive  Committee), K Country   has  turned down our request to open up the stretch of road between Gorge Creek and Volcano Ridge trailheads.  Their decision “was guided by current  provincial parks legislation and policies, staff knowledge of existing and potential future trails opportunities, as well as stakeholder and public unput.”

A bit of background info: The road, which is a public road,  was damaged by the 2005 floods.  When the Sheep River management draft plan came out  it intimated that  ALL the road between Gorge Creek and Ware Creek trailheads was in really bad shape and  of course people responded to the draft plan  accordingly. However, this wasn’t so. The only stretch of bad road  occurred just west of Ware Creek trailhead. The section between Gorge Creek and Volcano  Creek was in perfect condition. One would think, therefore,  that there was no reason not to open up this bit of road to  hikers who have been using the Volcano Ridge trailhead for decades.

Trying to get  answers  has been a frustrating business. On this issue, dialogue with K Country has been less than insightful throughout and we still don’t know the  real reason behind the closure. If we did, we might be able to accept it and move on.

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  • Terry Johns Sep 28, 2016, 12:12 am

    It is a crying shame that our government has their heads up their asses. Kananaskis country was set aside as a multi land use zone, but for whatever reason it seems the only ones who get any benefit from this once majestic area are the oil and gas companies and the lumber companies, destroying the land and raping her of her natural beauty. It seems you can’t go anywhere without seeing the total destruction they impose on us. I think the only reason the Gorge Creek trail and other areas are quardened of to the general public is because they don’t want you to seethe impact they’ve had on the land. Shame on the people of Alberta for allowing this to happen. Peter Lougheed would never allowed this to happen.

  • David C May 10, 2016, 12:51 am

    I had the opportunity to bike through this road this last weekend – beautiful country! Though, vehicle access would make some of the access to the many hikes and scenery a little easier…

    Does anyone have any sense of whether our new government would be any more co-operative on rebuilding this road? I know they’re deferring pretty heavily to their staff for guidance. Is it a lost cause – or is another campaign in order?

  • Barry Apr 27, 2016, 8:46 am

    Fix the road

  • Diane Cyrenne May 5, 2015, 7:28 am

    I am an avid horseback rider and sine we are unable to drive the Gorge Creek trail/road I would like to do it as a ride so that I can see the country. How far is it from the Ware Creek bridge (gated) to the Gorge Creek parking lot? Is it to far to do the entire road as a day trip by horseback?

    Thank you.

  • paul Gee Oct 17, 2014, 5:35 pm

    And still this road is closed.
    If this road was enroute to a well head or oil pipeline then yes totally it would be open, the only reason they keep any of the trails open is because the oil companies want to use the land.

    the oil companies are in control of the land not the government.

    Yes its a crime, wake up people.

  • TERRY Nov 27, 2009, 12:33 pm

    Spent some time in the area 11/24/09. Very sad to see the clear cutting going on in the Ware area. The GORGE CREEK TRAIL ROAD is a very beautiful drive,one that I have been waiting 5 years to enjoy again.Being closed down because of conditions is an ALBERTA GOVERNMENT CRIME and should be delt with.This is a PUBLIC ROAD and is required to be kept in good condition but I do not have five cows or an oil rig behind my name so the government officals ignore the people who put them in office. A typical ploy by an electted offical.SAD.So what do I do drive into an area that is being ignored by our government. EXCEPT if your a cattleman the clear cutting goes on. Roads left in poor condition from these loggers,fire pits left on roadsides and hillsides torn up by clear cutting.If you happen to have a drilling rig and need to get into the area the road would be fixed no questions asked.The GORGE CREEK TRAIL ROAD has been ignored long enough.TRAVEL ALBERTA should change and read TRAVEL ALBERTA SEE THE SIGHTS FROM BEHIND BARB WIRE AND LOCKED GATES. A trade mark of THE ALBERTA GOVERNMENT.

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