No Name Ridge

Aka Nameless Ridge down in the Highwood. Nowadays one parks in a lay-by on the left side, 14.2 km south of Highwood Pass, that is also the starting point for No Name (Nameless) Valley and Mist Mountain. Normally we walk the 9 km loop with No Name Valley in the clockwise direction, but  for a change decided to do it the other way round on one of the hottest days of the year so far. Ugh! It’s a south-facing ridge and we baked. I am not good in heat and had to stop often, ostensively to take flower pics.

Nameless Ridge pic

Mist Mtn. from the summit.

But back to the route. Since the last edition, the connecting old road is too overgrown to be of use. So unless you want to road walk or bike, park a second vehicle 1. 9 km down the road from the lay-by. Look for flagging on the left side.

From the lay-by we free-wheeled down the road for the 1.9 km, stashed the bikes and headed into the bush on a trail. In just a few metres we intersected the old road and turned left. At this point the road was a little overgrown with mini spruce, but was pretty good after that. We kept heading uphill past a road junction to a grassy draw not far below treeline, then climbed up the draw. Where it steepened into a gully we went right onto open slopes below the steep step. (Going back to the road: Just past the road junction a good game trail heading right may intercept a game trail following the southeast ridge. If so, it would omit the draw and shorten the steep section. Let me know if you try it! Now the last time Alf was there he picked up on the  ridge trail from somewhere lower down. Whatecver. The great thing to know is that very little bushwhacking needs to be done.)

Next up was the steep grass step. That done with, we followed one grassy top after another to the high point where we were entertained by the amazing acrobatic flying of a Clark’s Nutcracker after flying ants. Why DO flying ants like summits anyway?

We descended to No Name col, noted new grizzly diggings, then returned down No Name valley in the shade of the ridge to the west. The trail now runs straight down to the highway, coming out 270 m west of the lay-by at a cairn and flagging. Then it was just a matter of picking up the stashed bikes and heading down to Longview for a long cold drink.

Nameless Ridge


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