What’s happening with Ribbon and Galatea Creek trails

Ribbon Creek: Eventually you’ll have three ways of getting to Link junction. Work has started on fixing up the old valley trail from Ribbon Creek parking lot. For the first 700 m or so it will be a narrow hiker’s only trail. Possibly a snowshoe trail in winter. A second trail for bikers and skiers will start from Hidden trail and join the original valley trail at 295439. Right now the route is only flagged and though short—about 730 m long—you’ll have a hard time following the flagging, especially in two areas where it traverses steep side slopes. West of the junction both routes will follow the original trail which has missing sections and log jams. Reroutes and bridges will be needed. The valley route is closed while it is being worked on, so right now anyone bound for Ribbon Falls will have to follow Terrace, Kovach and Link from the parking lot.

Ribbon Creek

Proposed line of the bike & ski trail.

Ribbon Creek

Log jam on original valley trail.

Ribbon Creek

The third creek crossing on original valley trail.

Galatea Creek: While  in better shape, work is still ongoing and the trail may be closed on weekdays. All but one of the  bridges are passable or have been replaced. At re-routes look for cairns and flagging. The worst part is the flat before the forks, where cobbles cover a bumpy area of flood debris leading to bridge #6 that had a large tree fall across it.  Amazingly, it is still crossable.  The big impasse, though, occurs where  bridge #8 used to be. One very large tree spans the considerable gap. If your balance is good tightrope the tree or, like most people,  circumvent it by steep trails on either side.

Galatea Creek

Fallen tree across bridge # 6.

Galatea Creek

Walking the tree at site of bridge #8.

Galatea Creek

The alternative route for those who don’t want to walk the log.

A word on Lillian Lake campground which is closed. Only a few sites got covered in stones, the rest are still OK as is the Phoenix Composted toilet (which remains open by the way.) The start of the trail to Galatea Lakes is likewise partially covered in stones but is flagged.

Galatea Campground

Stone flowing through the trees covered up a few of the Lillian Lake campsites.

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  • Gillean Daffern Sep 7, 2015, 11:02 am

    This report about Galatea Creek just in from the ACMG hiking guide Martina Wakeman:
    After a long hiatus, this heavily flood-damaged trail has an official re-opening as of this week. All bridges are in place, and at key points, flagging tape and cairns will give you clear indication, which way to go. Given the current rainy weather conditions, the trail has numerous muddy sections. Caution also on the slippery, snow covered, wooden bridges. At higher elevations (freezing level 1700 m), a beautiful winter postcard scenery dominated the landscape, although very fogged in. With Guinn’s Pass in mind, travel was done to Lillian Lake instead, at which point, this party of one decided to return. Some work remains to be done, and Lillian Lake campsite will continue to be closed, until further notice. But for now enjoy this trail for what it is, a beautiful hike in the mountains.

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